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Fort Lauderdale juvenile lawyerJuvenile Defense Lawyer, Has Your Child Been Arrested?

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If your child has been arrested you will need to retain an experienced juvenile lawyer. Once you hire your juvenile lawyer it is still imperative  for you to attend all legal proceedings with your child. Your interest will be taken into consideration in deciding your child’s future. You should be there for court appearances, meetings with probation officers,  juvenile court staff, evaluations by and treatment program staff. Your juvenile lawyer will be working with the  juvenile courts  to divert your child  away from the legal system and into treatment. It is still important for you to be there every step of the way. The Broward County  courts view a parent’s involvement positively when they make sentencing and other decisions about your child. Your juvenile lawyer may be able to get your child released into your custody. The lawyer will want to avoid any adjudication process. That is why you must hire a criminal juvenile lawyer right away. A juvenile attorney is experienced with child related criminal issues.

Juvenile Justice Detention Service, Juvenile Defense lawyer

Written by Criminal Defense Lawyer. Posted in Criminal Defense News

Juvenile Justice Detention Services Information is offered as a community service by the Juvenile Defense Lawyers of Criminal Referral.

Detention is the custody status for youth who are held pursuant to a court order; or, following arrest for a violation of the law. In Florida, a youth may be detained only when specific statutory criteria, outlined in section 985.215, Florida Statutes, are met. Criteria for detention include current offenses, prior history, legal status, and any aggravating or mitigating factors. If your child is arrested and detained get an experienced Juvenile lawyer.

Youth under age 18 taken into custody by law enforcement are screened by the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice to determine if they should be detained in a secure detention facility. Detention screening is performed by juvenile probation staff using a standardized Detention Risk Assessment Instrument. (DRAI) If your minoe child has been arrested let us locate a juvenile lawyer for you.

The Department operates 21 secure detention centers in 21 counties with a total of 1342 beds. Pre-disposition detention costs are shared by state and county government. Post-disposition costs are primarily funded by state general revenue dollars. All detention centers receive additional federal funding in the form of the National School Lunch and Breakfast funds.

Youth placed in Secure Detention have been assessed as risks to public safety, per the DRAI and must remain in a physically secure detention center while awaiting court proceedings. Youth arrested for minor crimes that are not considered a risk to public safety may be released into the custody of their parents or guardian. During FY 2009-10 there were a total of 25,008 individual youth served in secure detention.

Youth appear before the court within 24 hours of admission, at which time the juvenile judge determines whether there is a need for continued detention. Generally there is a 21-day limit to secure detention, but those charged with serious offenses can be held up to 30 days. Have your juvenile defense lawyer explain this to you.

Educational assessments and full-time educational services are provided to school age youth while in detention. These services are funded by the Department of Education through local school districts. Medical, substance abuse, and mental health services to include screenings, crisis intervention and stabilization are also provided. All youth participate in daily structured recreational activities. Participation in religious services is optional.

If your child has been arrested contact Juvenile Attorney Referral for a Juvenile defense lawyer in your area: Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Jacksonville, Orlando, Melbourne, Kissimmee, Tampa. Clearwater, New Port Richey, Pensacola, Panama City and all of Florida