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International Criminal Defense Lawyers

International Criminal Defense Lawyers of Criminal Defense Attorney Network

An International criminal Defense lawyer defends  individuals  who have been arrested in foreign countries. Nothing can compare to the extent of trauma and  fear  that is  felt   when one is  arrested in  a foreign country. In  the United States  you know you have certain rights and can hire a lawyer of your choosing. Criminal cases in other countries are a whole different situation. What  should you do? To whom can you turn?

An international criminal defense lawyer understands international criminal law.They have expertise in this. If a loved one  has been arrested in a foreign country contact the International Criminal Defense lawyer Network. We will locate an attorney or international lawyers for your defense. 
Rest assured,the lawyer we find for you will have expertise in International Criminal Defense. very often we can find a lawyer who speaks the language you need.

International Criminal defense includes:

  •     International Sex Crime Defense
  •     International Theft Defense
  •     International Violent Crime Defense
  •     International Weapons Violation
  •     International White Collar Crimes
  •     International Fraud
  •     International Drug Crimes
  •     National Crime
  •     International terrorism
  •     Extradition to or from another country
  • International Drug trafficking conspiracy
  • Drug importation
  • Money Loundering
  • Prisoner Transfer
  • Extradiction
  • Embargo violation
  • Asset Forfeiture, Frozen Bank accounts
  • International Tax Evasion
  • Alien Smuggling
  • Espionage
  • International Internet crimes
  • Offenses and Conspiracies against the United States of America


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