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Immigration Criminal Defense Lawyer

Miami,Fort Lauderdale,West Palm Beach Immigration Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you have been arrested and you are  an immigrant,you will need an immigration criminal defense lawyer. The effect of a conviction is very serious. Even a misdemeanor crime such as  stealing or loitering  can  result in deportation.

The Immigration Criminal lawyers of Criminal Attorney Network focuses on helping  immigrants who have been arrested. They  also defend individuals who are  having problems with  entering the United States,  or deportation due to a criminal arrest.

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 A Criminal Conviction, Immigration and Deportation

Getting arrested is a serious matter for immigrants. If you are an immigrant, a criminal conviction can  result in your denial  to come to the U.S. If you have a green card and you are arrested and convicted  you can lose your permanent residency.  You may never be able to become a United States citizen. You also face potential deportation.

It is   important to hire a criminal defense lawyer who understands immigration law for any immigration criminal defense matter.

Your Aggressive Immigration Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you are facing deportation due to a criminal charge call the Immigration Criminal Defense Lawyers of AAA Criminal Referral, your Immigration Criminal Defense Lawyer Network. 1 877.522.2123